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Valorant Vanguard Disabled Mouse and Keyboard Fix

Valorant Vanguard Disabled Mouse and Keyboard Fix


The Vanguard is an Anti-cheat system for Valorant, developed by Riot Games. After installing the game here comes a problem where Vanguard disables your mouse and keyboard input.

We will be going to a quick fix for this problem

Go to Windows Safe Mode

You can google how to do that, Here are some popular articles about that: Microsoft, CCleaner

Two ways to solve disabled Keyboard and Mouse

1. Fast Method

Now you are in safe mode your keyboard and mouse should work. In This method, you have to download software that will fix your registry keys that are causing the problem which was modified by Vanguard.


You need to download:

After Unzipping the file. Open Windows PowerShell in Administrator mode: press WindowsKey + X simultaneously, now Select Windows PowerShell (Admin). Now that your files are in the download folder enter the following command:

Note: If you have saved it in another folder so do accordingly.

cd "$HOME/Downloads/Interception/Interception/command line installer/"

Press Enter. Now enter:

./install-interception.exe /uninstall


If you didn’t receive any error then it should work. Now restart your computer and your disabled mouse and keyboard should work.
Restart your PC again to enable the Vanguard to play Valorant.

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2. Advanced Method

If the previous method didn’t work then you have to edit registry values manually. To open Registry Editor go to Start and type “Registry Editor” now open it.

Now at the top address bar, Copy and replace the following link:



On the right-side panel, you have to right-click on the “UpperFilter” and click modify. Replace any other value in there with “kbdclass” and press enter. Now press OK.

You have to do the same for another value at:


Here you have to modify UpperClass and replace it with “mouclass” and press enter. Then Ok.

If you follow this process the same then restart your computer. After that, your peripherals should be working fine and it should be able to fix the problem with Valorant disabled keyboard and mouse. Note: You may need to restart your computer multiple times for Vanguard to work completely functional.

We believe that Vanguard software is not properly made, It’s designed to detect cheats easier but developers didn’t mind the user experience.

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If this helped to fix your issues then kindly drop a comment, and if didn’t work for you let me know that in the comments too. Follow the Reddit post for the same issue:

Happy Gaming!

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