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How to Remake in Valorant

In their competitive shooter Valorant, Riot Games added a new feature that allowed players to initiate a ‘Remake‘ vote if the teams were unequal.


What’s in Valorant’s Remake?

If successfully passed before the start of the first round, the Remake vote would absolutely cancel the game and queue for another one for the current players. The match will not be registered, which means players will be sent back without any MMR or XP changes to the main menu. In match history, the previous match won’t appear either.

How to Remake in Valorant?

Only after one or more players leaves at the beginning of the game can a Remake vote be launched.

If you see your teammates in a 4v5 match where your teammate left at the start of the first round, by typing “/remake” in chat, you can begin the vote. When done, players need to vote over whether or not to pass the vote (same to surrender vote). The vote must be unanimous for a remake vote to be actually completed.

As for the player who left the match, according to Riot, they will get a “full MMR loss for the match, and receive a leaver penalty equal to disconnecting from a full match.” In other words, if a player disconnects and is stuck in the middle of a remake, the maximum penalty equivalent to a typical loss is given to them, and then some.


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