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What is Smurfing in Valorant? Problems with Smurfing

Valorant is a free-to-play game and with that feature, anyone can make as many accounts as they like for free. There is no personal identification like connecting a phone number to your account to play ranked games in Dota 2 that can stop smurfing from happening and yet not has been introduced by Riot games Valorant. So players can Smurf freely. Nobody likes smurf.


What is Smurf in Valorant?

Smurfing is when, as a disguise to play against less proficient opponents, a highly skilled player makes a substitute account. This almost always leads to the stomping of their lesser-skilled rivals by the Smurf, which might be funny to the better player, but generally leaves their victims upset. This ruins the fun and experience to play the game.

Smurfing is a term used in the online gaming culture that is very common and often used.

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Smurfing in Valorant can get you banned?

Since the game begin, The act of smurfing is popular in Valorant, getting matched with lower skilled players could identify the smurf, so the rest of players can report the smurf player and it can lead to ban.

Why Smurfing Sucks?

For the new players who are trying to learn the game but find themselves against highly-skilled players. This could lead to a bad impression on the new player and he might leave the game and never plays it again because of the unfair lobbies.


Can Smurfing be stopped in Valorant?

While it’s hard to stop smurfing entirely in a free-to-play game, we are taking action to combat it. Right now we have a behind-the-scenes system for Unrated as well as one that applies to Iron through Diamond ranked players” said by Ian Fielding, Senior Producer on Valorant.

Rumours says that they have started to develop a method to detect a player performance when they overperform and then pull them up to a higher rating. Riot is continuously trying to improve the game in all aspects. And we think fixing matchmaking is not their first priority but they will do this sometime later.

How can I Smurf?

Practically this is only possible if you are higher ranked player and created a new game account to play with lesser skilled players. But to be advised not to do so, as Riot has improved their smurf detection system that will most probably match your future games with pro players. Only if you are lucky you would get matched with newbies.

There are other minor game bugs but could have been improved easily like Combat Report not showing in Valorant and Cheats tab disappeared in custom game.

There is no stop to the smurfing like popular titles. Valorant counts within. It has various ways to overcome in later future by implementing proper measures. We all hope that this issue will be fixed soon.


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