You are currently viewing FAUG released: How to download, Game size etc.

FAUG released: How to download, Game size etc.

Everyone’s wait is over FAUG also known as FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards has been released by nCore games on Google’s Play.



How to Download FAUG?

As nCore games promised to release FAUG as of 26 January 2021 is available to download FAUG on play store and they are planning to release the game for IOS devices App Store later on.

If you have pre-registered for the game to download as it is available to download then you might have receive notification to download. However if you have not received then follow below steps to download FAU-G on your android device:

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Type FAU-G or FAUG in search bar,
  3. Now click on FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards and click on install to download the game on your phone.

What is Game Size for FAUG?

FAUG has download size of around 459mb and it will require of around 600mb storage on your mobile phone device.


FAU-G Requirements

FAU-G can be played on any android devices available with minimum Android Version 8.0 Oreo, That means you can play FAUG on any android phone or tablet with Android 8, 9, 10 and plus.

FAUG Gameplay

FAUG gameplay is currently based on campaign mode and later on nCore games planning to launch 5v5 co-operative mode and then FFA(free for all) mode later on.

FAUG is good to go to take on the online multiplayer gaming by storm. FAUG otherwise known as Fearless And United Guards is versatile game that has storyline on the Galwan Valley war, which is viewed as the deadliest conflict among China and India in the previous forty years. FAU-G ongoing interaction is said to incorporate direct missions and scenes that will advance through the story at first. FAU-G game has gathered more than 4,000,000 clients up until now and has more than 10+ million download in google’s play store and has reviews around 200k within 5 hours of the game launch, is as of now live in the country for longer than a month at this point. For iPhone users FAU-G has not been released yet, the most thing to do is wait.

FAU-G’s gameplay is not as same as PUBG’s gameplay. It’ll not be available in Battle Royale yet but at any rate at the time of the release, where players are gathered in numbers can to await FAUG to launch a Battle Royale.

FAUG will rather focusing in on close battle strategies with straight missions and scenes that will advance through the story. The principal scene of the FAUG game location is supposed to be founded on India’s equipped clash against China at the Galwan Valley line at first. This was appeared in the secrets that the developers has delivered up until now.



  • 20% of profits made by FAUG will be given away to the Bharat Ke Veer foundation.
  • As per the game reviews on google play store, for some people nCore games has not delivered the game as per expectation.
  • FAU-G has 10m+ download in first 5 hours
  • FAU-G has more than 200k reviews on first day
  • In-App purchases are available for ₹19.00 – ₹2,999.00 per item
  • nCore games has promised to improve and add new features in future.
  • FAUG Bug and Glitches.

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