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FAUG Reviews

Most awaited game FAUG has been and released on the Indian Republic Day 26th January 2021m. Thousands of people downloaded and started playing the game.


We were all was excited to play the game and the first impressions of the game is that people got to know that there is no gameplay like Pubg mobile is available, but rather an impressive hand to hand combat experience.

FAUG has more than 10 million downloads in Google play store and about 200k+ reviews in one day. That is much impressive stats.

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People on Twitter has started to review the game, here are some positive and negative tweets that we have seen.


Comparing to first impressions with Pubg:

FAUG first Update is 10000 times better than Pubg’s First update in 2013

#FAUG FAUG is going to rule Indian gaming

Pubg in 2013 during their initial days

Tatti pubg …

Promoting Raji an another Indian game:

#FAUG Rather than supporting trash games developed by indian developers with no creative control, support games like

which is honestly amazing.

Someone looks pretty low:

Me after exhausting my whole internet data for downloading #FAUG game :

Pretty much all Indian Gamers:

#FAUGMobile Finally #FAUG game launched in India** Meanwhile gamers :

Vro is happy:

After seeing all reviews of #FAUG Me:- ( who didn’t installed game & saved 460mb data )


Graphics Reviews:

Comparing to other games, nCore games has delivered FAUG with good graphics and ambience, They are not as good as other popular games but they have managed to look realistic and well enough for a game in a mobile. Character development Sikh Army personnel, Chinese Army and other objects like bone fire, racks, ammunitions store are very well graphically noticeable.

Gameplay Reviews:

FAU-G currently has to offer 3 game modes. Campaign, Team Deathmatch and Free for all. However only Campaign mode is available to play and other 2 modes are in development.

FAUG gameplay 3 modes

The Protagonist officer has to fight with the Chinese army to get back to his comrades. And the officer keeps saying different dialogues like you would have heard in any movies which sounds cool. As we play further we can also hear the enemy were also taunting back. Design of the Chinese army have similar faces as of no doubt that they are from Chinese region.

For now the game has only to offer hand to hand combat, there are only melee weapons available with the limited hits on the enemy. However no guns has to be seen yet in game.

There is no health bar for the opponents, as a type of this game, everybody would like to see one.

The game launch is in initial version and has lot of bugs reported by players.

Positive Reviews:

  • For the first look of the game, many people found that there is some potential in game to be a number one in its category.
  • Sound effects and voice are good.
  • Storyline of Galwan Valley brought an impressive image for the players.
  • Graphics are well made.
  • Standalone functions.
  • The game has overall good reviews from the fanbase.

Negative Reviews:

  • For certain number of gamers they didn’t found game as per expectations.
  • People are competing FAU-G with Pubg.
  • There are lot of in-game bugs
  • Game is made with a simple motive and has less functions
  • Camera positioning is not good. Sometimes you cant see the enemies in some corner which you are at.
  • Multiplayer is not available yet.
  • Critical reviews shows that gameplay is not interesting as it seems.

We all hope that nCore games will come with more good content with in game in future.

Happy Gaming!

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