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Common Questions Answered for Valorant – 1

FAQ – Frequent Asked Question about Valorant

Q. What will happen if we unlock a character two times in Valorant?


A. It is not possible for a Valorant character to get unlocked two times, the Valorant game system itself doesn’t allow this process to happen.

Q. Is it possible to live stream Valorant by GTX 1050 Ti?

A. Yes it is possible to stream Valorant in GTX 1050 Ti. The minimum graphics required to stream Valorant is GeForce GTX 900 Series.

Q. Does my windows have to be genuine for Valorant to work?


A. The Valorant game itself doesn’t require to or have mentioned anywhere that it needs to have a Genuine Windows installation to work. However If you have Genuine Windows OS then it has many benefits.

Q. Can I play Valorant with the touchpad on my laptop without using the additional mouse?

A. Yes you can use an external mouse to play Valorant with your laptop. You can also play with touchpad but it would be an awful experience.

Q. Did we get Valorant coins in battle pass in Valorant?

A. No. Unlike other BR games, In Valorant you will not get Valorant Coins. You have to purchase them separately.


Q. How to turn left or right in Valorant?

A. By default to turn left you can use “A” and to turn right you can use “D” it is more like strafing. However, playing with the mouse would be sufficient for turning left and right by moving the mouse left and right respectively.

Q. When someone starts shooting you in Valorant do we have to aim to their head then shoot or start shooting as soon as they are in our crosshair?

A. It is always better to aim the enemy first and then shoot in first person shooter games. However, you have to be quick to aim at the head and sometimes if you are in luck early shooting near the enemy have chances to get their head busted.

Q. How many hours and days do Valorant pros play?


A. Valorant pros play 4 to 8 hours a day. However, playing straight sitting in one position can give you health issues. You should be active physically to play for longer hours without any problem.

Q. How to buy Valorant skins in India using PayPal?

A. You can use in-game store to by Valorant skins in India using PayPal. There are other feasible options available too.

Q. Will Valorant work on ps5 or Xbox series X connected with keyboard and mouse?

A. Valorant is not officially available to play in PS5 or Xbox. It is only available to play in PC. We just have to wait for Riot games to launch it for other consoles too.

Q. Is there any minimum level of Valorant to play with friends?

A. There is no such requirements to play Valorant with friends. You can always play unrated, spike rush, deathmatch or a custom game with friends.

Q. My Valorant gets stuck on the map loading screen only when I connect to my Wi-Fi else it works fine What to do?

A. It seems there is an performance issue in your computer, you may have to buy a new configuration if your PC is outdated or fix this by using some tweaks. Read more: Valorant Performance Fix

Q. Which game to play? CSGO or apex legends or Valorant?

A. You can play all the games or any of your choice, it totally depends on personal perspective. All these games has to offer different experience in gameplay to its players.

Q. Can I get views on Valorant game if I uploaded it’s gameplay on YouTube?

A. It totally depends on what you upload on YouTube and what people are looking for. Yes, you can get views by sharing your video on Social media platforms and with friends.

Q. Can we play and stream Valorant on i3 9100f paired with RX 570?

A. Yes you can play your game and stream together smoothly in your configuration.

Q. How much damage does the spike do in Valorant?

A. Currently it is shows and 999 as the maximum damage the spike does.

Q. How to join a Valorant pro team?

A. You have to be in better ranks to join a pro team.

Q. Which song used in rakazone gaming Valorant montage?

A. This gamer upload multiple videos and if you want to know which song is used, then you can use an song identifier or ask people in comments with the timeline or you can see the description for the song name if provided.

Q. Is there any Valorant skin changer legit?

A. Using such tools ad Valorant skin changer is not legit. As it will alter game files and you can get a ban from Valorant.

Q. How to take part in Valorant tournament but zero entry cost?

A. You need to find a sponsor that can pay for you or you have to find a tournament with zero entry cost.

Q. Can we make FPS games like Valorant in Unreal Engine 4?

A. Yes, You can make it but it needs good knowledge and a big team to divide different tasks as it is a time-consuming process.

Q. Does Valorant FPS boost pack affect CPU or overall CPU performance?

A. If you have a low-end CPU then it won’t work. But if you have what it requires to play the game you can use it.

Q. Which game is more popular right now Valorant or cod warzone?

A. All games are popular but have different type of gameplay and fanbase. Valorant and Cod Warzone is unique in their gameplay.

Q. How to Fix FPS drops in Valorant without any graphics card?

A. You can use some tweaks that help you boost your system performance. Make sure your pc meets the minimum requirements to play Valorant. Read more here: Valorant Fps drop Fix

Q. How to change camera angle in Valorant?

A. You can do this by going to settings in Valorant and look for what specific changes you need.

If you have any more questions about Valorant do let us know in the comments.

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