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How to Change Name in Valorant with Hashtag

Sometimes we are bored with our display name or want to change it. So here’s how to change display name in Valorant Riot Games account also modify the tag in.


To change your name you have to change your Riot ID. Every Valorant account has been tired with Riot ID. To connect you to Valorant and other Riot games, your Riot ID is a combination of the name and hashtag of 3-5 numbers or letters or both that someone wants to be creative with their name or want to make an impressive image in-game with their awesome name.

Note: You can only change your display name once in a month.

Steps to Change Name in Valorant

  • First, Close the game if the game is running in the background
  • To change the name, Login to your Riot Account
  • Once when you are logged in. Click on RIOT ID. Then click on the pencil icon Edit button.
Change Name in Valorant
  • Now enter your desired name in NEW RIOT ID
  • Then click on Submit.
Change Name in Valorant

How to Change Hashtag in Valorant?

  • Similar to name change there is a # option given beside NEW RIOT ID.
  • Write in there your desired Hashtag. A hashtag can be written in Numbers or letters.
  • Press Submit.
How to change hashtag in valorant

Once your name has been changed. Open the game and you may see your new Valorant name and hashtag. If your friends can’t see the new tag, tell them to restart their game.

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